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The business is simple, very flexible and varied providing you a means of earning an unlimited amount of extra income in your spare time or providing a very lucrative full time income. In addition to providing you this income without any selling whatsoever there are opportunities to qualify for FREE CARS (for keeps !) and all expenses Conferences to 5 star locations in far flung parts of the world.

The mainstay of the business is the Kleeneze range of catalogues and you professional online shop set up complretely free for you by Kleeneze. The catalogues are distributed in any area of your choice and left for 2 days. With each set of catalogues you will include a Customer Order Form all inside a poly bag. These are your shops and when in other peoples homes they are open for business. When in your home or car they are closed for business. Initially you are just trying to build up your own customer base and eventually will have enough customers built up it will take you around 6-7 weeks to visit them and then you start your cycle all over again.

At the beginning it may take 3-4 visits to a potential customer before they decide to give you the first order so you should call on every home when in a street and after 5 or 6 visits if they havenít ordered then on the next visit skip these houses. Initially you are just aiming to win over the confidence of these potential customers.

The online Shop allows existing customers and new customers to browse through the entire cataogue range and place orders direct to the company for delivery direct to their home. Cataogue and Internet order is increasing by huge amounts year on year and you can now be part of this trend.

Catalogue orders are submitted to Kleeneze via the internet and are usually delivered direct to your home around 4 days later. You are given just over 7 days to deliver these to your customers, collect their payment, deduct your share and pay the balance owing to Kleeneze into your local bank. Then you start the whole cycle all over again.

At the end of every 4 weeks you will receive what is called a Volume Profit or bonus and the amount you earn is dependant on the total value of all the ordered submitted during these 4 weeks by yourself and anyone in your team. Some receive 70 pounds / 105 euros of a bonus and are very happy with this while others receive 20,000 pounds / 30, 000 euros every 4 weeks. This means you receive a bonus 13 times a year rather than just 12.

To view my online Kleeneze Shop where you can place an order online surf to Kleeneze Online Store

As you will be aware in the present economic climate everyone is looking to earn an additional income. This is irrespective of their occupation or income. This is where you can really score in Kleeneze. With my help and the help of various Sales Aids you can immediately start building up a team of Distributors. I myself started 3 people I knew in my home town in my very first week in the business. At that stage I did not understand the fine details but understood if I started a team I earned more income. You can start Distributors part or full-time anywhere in The UK, Channel Isles, Isle of Man, Orkneys & Shetlands, Ireland & Spain.

Donít forget there is no selling involved in the business as the catalogues do all this for you. You are not looking for salespeople just individuals or couples with a few hours a week free and a burning desire to turn this in to extra cash.

When you start you are supplied with all the tools to get your business up and running immediately and will be able to contact me by phone, mobile or email for all the help and advice you need to build your own very successful Kleeneze business.

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