Support the NHS workers with AVON.

Support the NHS workers with AVON.

So far Avon has donated over 120,000 products to the NHS, carers and domestic abuse charities and today launch a new campaign called #HelpingHands. Hand cream is now an essential product for front line carers due to rigorous hand washing. Hands are dry, sore and cracked so we want to help!

#HelpingHands is a simple give forward campaign and an opportunity for us all to show thanks to the NHS.

How does the #HelpingHands buy one, give one campaign work?

It’s very simple, for every Avon Care Coconut Oil Hand Cream (£2) you order, Avon will give one to the charity, Beauty Banks and these will be distributed to NHS workers across the UK.

Who are Beauty Banks?

Beauty Banks is a brilliant charity founded two years ago by two beauty experts, Sali Hughes and Jo Jones. Tackling hygiene poverty and helping millions of people and families in Britain that live in poverty, Beauty banks distribute unused toiletries to registered charitable organisations throughout Britain who, in turn, distribute them to the clients who desperately need them. Now in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the charity is sending essential products to NHS front line workers in need of care. Beauty Banks is a registered charity number 1184944. To find out more visit their website here and watch this video from Sali.

Where will the hand creams go?

The hand creams you enable Avon to give will be sent to Beauty Banks to distribute to NHS workers across the UK. Avon’s incredible distribution team is also supporting this small charity by shipping to hospitals too.

Order you Hand Cream today from the link below to help support the NHS workers.

Over 900 other products available from the link below all delivered direct to your home anywhere in the UK, Channel Isles, Isles of Man & Scottish Isles by Hermes without any driver contact.

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AVON comes to the rescue

1Antibacterial Hand Gel, 100ml – Available now to order online HERE

Avon Hand CreamDelivery by Hermes anywhere in the UK, Channel Isles, Isle of Man & Scottish Isles. Free delivery on orders over £15.
This moisturising, antibacterial hand gel helps to keep your family’s hands clean with 64% alcohol.

Contains 64% alcohol


Suitable for the whole family

Dermatologically tested


Apply to your hands and rub in until completely dry, which takes around 20 seconds. Include in between your fingers – and don’t rinse!

This is not a replacement for good hygiene and should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing with soap and water.

Thirsty hands? SHOP HERE for our range of skin-soothing hand creams

By purchasing this little bottle, you are helping to give back. Together we are proud to support front line services with donations of the hand gel to some NHS hospitals and £150,000 from a proportion of the sales to domestic abuse charity Refuge.

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Avon Now Available in Ireland

At last customers in Ireland can place orders for AVON products.

For quite some time now I have been having many requests from Irish residents wishing to order AVON products.

While AVON do not operate there throughout the country there are many people wishing to order from the extensive AVON range.

Now I have been able to solve this thanks to ParcelMotel/Nightline allowing orders to be placed at my AVON Online store to be delivered to any location in Ireland.

Order your Mother’s Day Gift now.

For full details click here

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Distillery Skincare from AVON.

We get it, it’s 2019 and you want a skincare range that has it all.

Vegan? Check. Eco-conscious*? It better be. Allergy tested? Definitely.

And that’s where distillery skincare comes in. Think clean beauty, pure ingredients and zero nasty chemicals. It’s skincare that gives your skin the boost it needs to look and feel better.

From a butter-soft cleansing balm to highly concentrated vitamin C powder, it’s time to wake up your skincare routine and join the Distillery revolution.

◊ Vegan. ◊ Allergy Tested. ◊ Alcohol Free. ◊ Dermatolically  Tested.
◊ Clinically Tested. Fragrance Free.

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